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Nice noises from Joe Hockey

In an address to the Canberra National Press Club on Wednesday 22 May 2013, the shadow Treasurer had some very interesting and promising things to say about the possible future of the ATO.


• He wishes to foster a more co-operative relationship between the ATO and taxpayers
• The relationship should be based on mutual respect, not adversarial
• Taxpayers are not the enemy
• He recognises the ATO’s powers are too one sided
• ATO officers often seem to lack objectivity
Joe Hockey has promised a Coalition government will establish a Parliamentary Committee charged with the oversight of ATO administration.
If necessary, the Coalition may break up the ATO to separate its administration and prosecutorial functions.
This recognition of the deep flaws in the current audit and dispute system is a welcome and excellent development in the Federal election – coming as it does in a major speech following the budget.
Hopefully the delivery will match the rhetoric and we can look forward to a less aggressive and destructive approach from the ATO in coming years.
More about Joe Hockey's speech - click here.

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