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Taxpayer to sue the ATO for damages

The ATO is under fire again for not adequately compensating taxpayers whose lives it has turned into turmoil by the overzealous pursuit of them by its officers.


Gary Kurzer is one such taxpayer who, after being subjected to a five year tax audit lost not only his wealth but his health and marriage too, is now suing the ATO for a substantial amount in damages.
My client, Ron Pattenden, another taxpayer who fought the ATO six times over 10 years and won each and every time, which ordeal at the hands of the ATO has seen his health deteriorate tremendously is also considering such action.
An interesting article about both these taxpayers and the call for taxpayers’ rights to be enshrined in law was recently written by Chris Seage for Crikey.

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Bullying by the ATO

And so the battle continues ...  ordinary Australians having to self fund their fight with the ATO losing almost everything they have worked hard for on the way, not to mention the breakdown of their relationships and the toll on their health.  Last night's 7.30 Report covered the story of more victims of bullying by the ATO -

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