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Ron Pattenden - the full story

As promised, here is a full copy of the article published by The Australian on Saturday 14 January 2012.

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A taxpayer's fight to clear his name with the ATO

After many years of fighting the Australian Taxation Office’s allegations of taxes owing and being served with more than one Deportation Prohibition Order by the ATO, Ron Pattenden’s ordeal at the hands of the ATO is still not over.  Despite the fact that we continue to defeat the ATO on Mr Pattenden’s behalf, the ATO seems determined to fight to the bitter end.  Most recently, they have gone all the way back to 2001.  Mr Pattenden will, of course, fight the ATO and clear his name. 

His story was published in The Australian last Saturday.  You can read the beginning of his story here  The full story is available to subscribers of The Australian, however, I will be posting a copy of it here in the next week or so.

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