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Paul Hogan and John Cornell settle with the ATO!

After eight long arduous years the battle between Paul Hogan, John Cornell and the ATO has been settled, behind closed doors.  Details of the settlement will almost certainly never be made known to the public.  This is a pity because its important for the public to appreciate the emotional, financial and reputational stress that fighting the ATO can cause.

As Mr Hogan’s solicitor recently pointed out, in the eyes of the public, Mr Hogan is now forever labeled a “tax cheat” as a recent article on the “12 Sexiest Celebrity Tax Evaders” shows.  This is disgraceful, particularly as Mr Hogan has always maintained his innocence and no adverse findings have ever been proven against him.
Susannah Moran ran the story in The Australian yesterday (the full article is behind The Australian’s pay wall).

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